Juhannus Celebrations! | Juhannusjuhlat!

Juhannus Celebrations! | Juhannusjuhlat!

Our 3rd Virtual Juhannus this year from June 24th-30th 2022. Once again, our Virtual Juhannus celebration will feature local and international musicians and choirs, Nordic films, a visual arts showcase, speakers, workshops and a Tori Market all hosted on www.FinnFestivalCanada.com via the streaming platform www.ResearchTV.ca This is a wonderful celebration of Finnish history and culture via the arts! This year we hope to include livestream recordings of in person Juhannus celebrations from across Canada.

Juhannus Celebrations! | Juhannusjuhlat!
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  • Greetings by the Finnish Canadian Cultural Federation!

  • Juhannus Tori Market

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  • Juhannus 2022 - Olga Nechepurenko


  • Sisu's Winter War by Liisa Kovala

    Promises made almost fifty years earlier have their reckoning.
    Meri "Sisu" Saari made a promise to her dying mother that she would keep the family together, but she was too young to know how a war can pull people apart. With the Soviet invasion of Finland, Meri pledges loyalty to the Lotta Svär...


  • Suomen rehellisin mainos - Almost Finns

    Come to Finland, a country with a lot of good qualities and a teeny weeny bit of weaknesses, very, very little, you barely notice them.

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  • Kaarina Brooks


    Finnish scholar, Elias Lönnrot, spent many years recording the songs of the old rune singers, combining them into a work he called Kalevala. It became the National Epic of Finland and played a significant role, along with the music of Sibelius and the paintings by Gallen-Kallela and oth...

  • Ballad of Olli Kinkkonen

    Ballad of Olli Kinkkonen
    Performed by Karl Sundquist and Jill Burkes at the launch of Mark Munger's final book in his trilogy about Finnish Immigrants: "Kotimaa: Homeland"

    Mark Munger's novel, Suomalaiset: People of the Marsh takes the mystery of Finnish immigrant Olli Kinkkonen’s disappearance ...

  • Bottoms up!

    Join us on this tour of the Finnish Labour Temple from the bottom to the top with Ivanka and Marc Metsaranta.

  • Ann Marie Maillette and Honeypaw

    Ann Marie Maillette and Honeypaw

    Marie Maillette (nee Annamary Oja) and Bill Smeltzer
    Sauna Song (Finnish Schottische)  I play the autoharp and sing in Finnish.  Bill created a “virtual duet” by playing my video, and recording himself accompanying me on a Ukulele.  His “sound studio” is, approp...

  • Sirpa Särkijärvi Joe Nease gallery

    An interview in Finnish with English subtitles Sirpa Särkijärvi on the occasion of her exhibition at Joe Nease gallery in Duluth in 2019.

    Sirpa Särkijärvi's (b. 1974 in Muonio) paintings are reflections of time. They contemplate human existence and examine relationships of power, gender, behav...

  • Juhannus

    Midsummer Festival
    What is Juhannus always?
    Promoting Finnish Culture to Finns living abroad...
    Check out Ty Korte's Finnish Connection channel on Youtube.

  • Heidi Korte, Essa Holz ,Jamsa Nousiainen

    1. Heidi Korte- Ain't no Fishes (Conga se Menne Cover)
    My Father turned 70 this year! I decided to cover this song in celebration of his love of fishing! Filmed on Lake Pishabo in Temagami Ontario.
    Song written by Derrell Syria of Conga Se Menne!

    2. Dr. Bivens’ Niece
    Director - Essa Holz

    A fa...

  • A Father's War: The Story Behind an Artifact

    A World War One uniform and other beloved keepsakes tell the story of Finnish Canadian Alfred Saxberg's war-time experience, allowing a family insight into a life that was rarely discussed. Featuring: Marg Saxberg and Captain George Romick

    Director: Ron Harpelle & Kelly Saxberg
    Camera: Kelly Sax...

  • Laulu Aika concert

    Last Sept we recorded 6 Finnish tunes supported by Scandinavian Folk Arts Project (also known by the succinct alias Nordic Folklife Project) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "Amerikan leski," composed by Elisa Valkama, an America widow in her own right, was published in 1905. Here, Finnish ...

  • Juhannus suomi 100 Thunder Bay

    Juhannus suomi 100 Thunder Bay! Local Finns celebrate with Finland with a live Hulahula dance.
    Tanssin Tiedotuskeskus heitti Koko Suomi tanssii -haasteen Ylelle. Yle otti haasteen vastaan ja toi Yle TV1:n primetimeen tv-sarjan tanssista. Kuusiosainen sarja huipentuu kaikkien aikojen juhannustanss...

  • Sisu Juhannus 2021

    SISUn tanhuujat Torontosta - folk dancing Laine Ruus