FlashFrame Film & Video Network

FlashFrame Film & Video Network

Flash Frame is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of film and video production in Northwestern Ontario. Founded in January 2001, it has an open door policy for anyone in the community who may wish to join. Members range from professional producers and directors to film students and those with a casual interest in film, video, multimedia and electronic technologies as an artistic and educational practice for the advancement and enrichment of the community.

Flash Frame exists as a resource of talent, labour knowledge and equipment for the creative and artistic undertakings of its members, and will endeavour to assist local and visiting producers who wish to use the local area for their productions. Flash Frame also functions as a collective production organization that not only produce works, but also attempts to promote and distribute them.

Our membership has a dedicated core of about 20 community members and approximately 20 new members and affiliates each year. We have an email network of over 120 past and new members.


FlashFrame Film & Video Network
  • Silent Invaders

    A small town reflects on an unimaginable invasion by mimes.

    Jo-Ann Waytowich
    Danny Johnson
    Mika Polkki
    Meesha Reilly
    Paul Gosse
    Dennis Dubinsky

    Written and Directed by Dianne Brothers
    Produced by: Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle
    Director of Photography: Damien Gilber...

  • Life Is But A Dream

    If he survives, Charles Wilkins will write another book, about his possibly last great adventure - a 3000 mile record breaking row across the Atlantic. The 61-year-old writer, nominated for the Stephen Leacock Award and recently acclaimed for his account of a summer spent working in a cemetery, ...

  • The Scratch

    A practical joke takes a turn for the worse.

    A FlashFrame and Rear View Mirror production.

    Written and directed by Dianne Brothers
    Produced by Kelly Saxberg and Dianne Brothers
    Director of Photography: Damien Gilbert
    Editor: Gabriel Harpelle
    Music: Danny Johnson

    Dennis Dubin...

  • Dorothea Mitchell - A Reel Pioneer

    “A Reel Pioneer” is a documentary film about a little known pioneer of Canadian film and a group of modern day filmmakers who restore her last film.
    Dorothea Mitchell was the first female independent filmmaker in Canada and her story is quintessentially Canadian.

    The through line for “A Reel Pio...

  • The Storyboard

    A FlashFrame Video Network production.

  • Chopsticks

    When his car breaks down, a professional life coach gets some real life advice from the stranger who picks him up. A Flash Frame Films production.

    Starring Danny Johnson and Derek Khani

    Co-directed by: Ryan La Via and Dianne Brothers
    Produced by: Ron Harpelle
    Written by: Dianne Brothers

  • Who was Sylvia

    Hubert and Jacomyn are modern day pioneers living in a straw bale home, powered by sun and wind, yet they are connected to a bygone era by the discovery of a mysterious neighbour who they would never meet .

    Directed by: Kelly Saxberg
    Co-director: Betty Carpick
    Editor: Kelly Saxberg
    Director of...

  • Sticky Money

    A single 20 dollar bill is spent in different shops in a quiet neighbourhood.

    Weather Esdon Jean-Paul DeRoover
    Danny Johnson Marguite Peura
    Jari Sarka Arnold Blomberg
    Gabriel Harpelle Ryan La Via
    Andrew Paulsen Ron Desmoulin

    Directed by: Ryan La Via
    Produced by: Dianne B...

  • The Fatal Flower

    The Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society produced three films in the 1920s. "A Race For Ties" (1929) was Canada’s first feature-length amateur film. Its success led to "Sleep Inn Beauty" (1929) and "The Fatal Flower," which began production in 1930, but was left unfinished. 75 years later, a group ...