Juhannus Nordic Film Festival

Juhannus Nordic Film Festival

Welcome to our Virtual Juhannus Nordic Festival - all the films on this channel can be viewed for free from 25-28 June 2021. If you didn't get a chance to watch all of them just subscribe to ResearchTV for a free week! This channel hosts the annual ResearchTV film festival and it also serves as a platform for other online film festivals.

Juhannus Nordic Film Festival
  • Unweaving Unwound

    Artist’s Name: Allen Killian-Moore
    Mediums: Unweaving Unwound was filmed on Super 8mm film, Regular 8mm film, HD Video, Mini-DV, Instant Film, and Hand-Processed Super 8mm
    Unweaving Unwound is an experimental visual document of the creation and installation of Unweaving, a public sculpture projec...

  • Violet's Summer

    A summer cottage resident owns a forest and buckets. A tired walker gets lost in the yard and dance music is heard from the neighbour.

    (Oh, and the bush was too close to the ankle.)
    Director: Mox Mäkelä
    Year: 2016
    Language: silent film

  • A Father's War: The Story Behind an Artifact

    A World War One uniform and other beloved keepsakes tell the story of Finnish Canadian Alfred Saxberg's war-time experience, allowing a family insight into a life that was rarely discussed. Featuring: Marg Saxberg and Captain George Romick

    Director: Ron Harpelle & Kelly Saxberg
    Camera: Kelly Sax...

  • Albert Karvonen Philosphies on Life, Nature and Wildllife Filmmaking

    “I want people to think about their existence in terms of the Natural World, because I think that’s the only World that is really important.” Albert Karvonen

    This documentary follows Albert Karvonen as he walks the land through the four seasons reflecting on his life, his career as a wildlife fi...

  • Where the Poppies Grow - The Lakehead at War

    Where the Poppies Grow is a short docu-drama about one soldier during the Great War. Alfred Saxberg was a first generation Finnish Canadian who signed up at the beginning of the war and was fortunate to return home in 1919. When the Great War ended In November 1918, the people of the Lakehead c...

  • My Madness is My Love: Impressions of Vaslav Nijinsky

    A film based on ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’. All of the text coming from a most sensitive artist genius who, being confronted with the horrors of war, betrayal, and inhumanity of society, - could no longer exist as the person he had been.

    Based on ‘the Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’

  • Who was Sylvia

    Hubert and Jacomyn are modern day pioneers living in a straw bale home, powered by sun and wind, yet they are connected to a bygone era by the discovery of a mysterious neighbour who they would never meet .

    Flash Frame Film and Video Network production for International Doc Challenge 2012

  • 01_Moving to Canada

  • 02_First Impressons

  • 03_Changing Our Names

  • 05_Where We First Lived

  • 06_What We Brought