Nordic Films! | Pohjoismaiset elokuvat!

Nordic Films! | Pohjoismaiset elokuvat!

Our 3rd Virtual Juhannus this year from June 24th-30th 2022. Once again, our Virtual Juhannus celebration will feature local and international musicians and choirs, Nordic films, a visual arts showcase, speakers, workshops and a Tori Market all hosted on via the streaming platform This is a wonderful celebration of Finnish history and culture via the arts! This year we hope to include livestream recordings of in person Juhannus celebrations from across Canada.

Nordic Films! | Pohjoismaiset elokuvat!
  • Lights of Hope

    Sometimes, our cities are a little quieter. They can even be a little empty and lonely. But there is still light – light that pops up in the darkness, light that opens up a new day, light that can be found around us. Lights of Hope plays with light, darkness, and shadows while connecting to natur...

  • Hannele

    It´s about an elderly couple who escaped to get married almost 50 years ago and made originally to "Fiskarsin kesä" -biennial 2022.
    Film is a bright summer story, filmed around Juhannus time and has captions in English (voice and audio description in Finnish).

  • Albert Karvonen Philosphies on Life, Nature and Wildllife Filmmaking

    “I want people to think about their existence in terms of the Natural World, because I think that’s the only World that is really important.” Albert Karvonen

    This documentary follows Albert Karvonen as he walks the land through the four seasons reflecting on his life, his career as a wildlife fi...

  • Violet's Summer

    A summer cottage resident owns a forest and buckets. A tired walker gets lost in the yard and dance music is heard from the neighbour.

    (Oh, and the bush was too close to the ankle.)
    Director: Mox Mäkelä
    Year: 2016
    Language: silent film

  • Kiri's Piano

    Inspired by Canadian folk singer James Keelaghan's 1988 song of the same name, the film chronicles one woman's sacrifice in the face of rampant prejudice tearing her Japanese-Canadian family apart.

  • Under The Red Star

    The Finnish Labour Temple opened in March 1910, but this workers' hall was a temple of a different sort, one where political rather than religious devotion was practiced. Under the Red Star tells the story of union organizers, strong minded women, athletic children, actors and even poets.
    Under t...

  • Letters From Karelia

    Taimi Pitkanen last saw her brother Aate in a Leningrad railway station in 1931.

    Taimi was returning to Canada from Moscow; Aate was headed for Soviet Karelia, on the border with Finland, where his skills in electricity and languages - both English and Finnish - were badly needed.

    Aate never ca...

  • Who was Sylvia

    Hubert and Jacomyn are modern day pioneers living in a straw bale home, powered by sun and wind, yet they are connected to a bygone era by the discovery of a mysterious neighbour who they would never meet .

    Flash Frame Film and Video Network production for International Doc Challenge 2012

  • Sisu - the Death of Tom Sukanen

    Based on the true story of Tom Sukanen, a Finnish shipwright and Canadian immigrant who was institutionalized in 1943 after spending a decade building a steamship on his prairie homestead, 1200 miles inland. Following the Great Depression and the loss of his family, this genius inventor, engineer...

  • Hoito Project

    This is a music promo for a DVD/CD fundraiser collection to help restore the Finnish Labour Temple on Bay Street in Thunder Bay. This one hour compilation DVD features local musicians who recorded with Jukka Tolonen and Cool Train when they came from Finland in 2006.

    Finnish Pancake Jam batter ...

  • Unweaving Unwound

    Artist’s Name: Allen Killian-Moore
    Mediums: Unweaving Unwound was filmed on Super 8mm film, Regular 8mm film, HD Video, Mini-DV, Instant Film, and Hand-Processed Super 8mm
    Unweaving Unwound is an experimental visual document of the creation and installation of Unweaving, a public sculpture projec...