Virtual Juhannus Performances

Virtual Juhannus Performances

Virtual Juhannus Performances
  • Finlandia

    Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, played by Jason Carter on the Stephen Sedgwick Harp Guitar. Filmed by Sean Woolley and Jason Carter, edited by Jason Carter. Rerecorded, mixed and produced by Jason Carter.

  • Laulu Aika concert

    Last Sept we recorded 6 Finnish tunes supported by Scandinavian Folk Arts Project (also known by the succinct alias Nordic Folklife Project) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "Amerikan leski," composed by Elisa Valkama, an America widow in her own right, was published in 1905. Here, Finnish ...

  • Din Jalonen: "F-105" and Marc Meriläinen

    Din Jalonen: "F-105" has just released its second album, F-105 II: Side B. Our first self-titled F-105 album had a lovely folk-waltz about my Finnish grandparent's emigration from Finland to Canada "Viljo and Elsa".
    Meriläinen Müsic Inc. is excited to announce the release of the 2nd album by F-1...

  • Ann Marie Maillette and Honeypaw

    Ann Marie Maillette and Honeypaw

    Marie Maillette (nee Annamary Oja) and Bill Smeltzer
    Sauna Song (Finnish Schottische)  I play the autoharp and sing in Finnish.  Bill created a “virtual duet” by playing my video, and recording himself accompanying me on a Ukulele.  His “sound studio” is, approp...

  • Olga Nechepurenko

    Olga Nechepurenko: Finnish piano pieces and songs by such composers as Erkki Melartin, Heino Kaski, Toivo Kärki, Leevi Madetoja and Ilmari Hannikainen, performed by Olga Nechepurenko (Väisänen), piano and voice, and Juha Tikkanen, piano

  • Lili Ahopelto

    Classical music by Lili Ahopelto

    Lili Ahopelto: Master's recital at the Sibelious academy in Helsinki. Claude Debussy: Preludes "Feux d'artifice", Livre II, no. 12

  • 1969 Finn Festival Toronton Pelimannit

    Archival footage of the 1969 Finnish Grand Festival transferred as part of the Reel Memories of the Lakehead project.

    Music by Toronton Pelimannit from their newest CD. Their repertoire includes a mix of not only traditional "pelimanni" music, but al...

  • Heidi Korte, Essa Holz ,Jamsa Nousiainen

    1. Heidi Korte- Ain't no Fishes (Conga se Menne Cover)
    My Father turned 70 this year! I decided to cover this song in celebration of his love of fishing! Filmed on Lake Pishabo in Temagami Ontario.
    Song written by Derrell Syria of Conga Se Menne!

    2. Dr. Bivens’ Niece
    Director - Essa Holz

    A fa...

  • Sisu Juhannus 2021

    SISUn tanhuujat Torontosta - folk dancing Laine Ruus

  • Hoito Project

    This is a music promo for a DVD/CD fundraiser collection to help restore the Finnish Labour Temple on Bay Street in Thunder Bay. This one hour compilation DVD features local musicians who recorded with Jukka Tolonen and Cool Train when they came from Finland in 2006.

    Finnish Pancake Jam batter ...

  • Juhannus suomi 100 Thunder Bay

    Juhannus suomi 100 Thunder Bay! Local Finns celebrate with Finland with a live Hulahula dance.
    Tanssin Tiedotuskeskus heitti Koko Suomi tanssii -haasteen Ylelle. Yle otti haasteen vastaan ja toi Yle TV1:n primetimeen tv-sarjan tanssista. Kuusiosainen sarja huipentuu kaikkien aikojen juhannustanss...